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New Community

I have very reacently created a community called changeyourworld. So far, its a very broad community open to discussion (and hopefully, action) about diversity, peace, acceptence, interracial relationships (not just dating, relationships in general). I guess at this point Im sort of giddy about it all.
I have really high hopes for this community. If it sounds at all interesting to you, please read the welcoming entry i made and the community bio.

I have no doubt that people will join (i just dont know how soon) but i am looking for people who share the same passion as me in seeing it grow. I am looking for people to really help me expand this,which is why I am turning to you creative souls. :) If you feel like you want to be a part of this, contact the email address listed ( I want a website for this, along with anything to promote the "cause" (i hope it will become a cause some day) like flyers, stickers, buttons, literature, trinkets, anything. As you'll find out if you check out the community, i want to eventually turn this into an organization w/the help of some dedicated people. So please, contact me if you have ideas or want to help with anything ive talked about or if you have any idea/experience on how to fundraise if this does become an org.

I apologize for the length but like i said, im giddy
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