Ramses (studentmonkey) wrote in stopthehate,

I am new...I am Ramses

My name is Ramses.

I am new here. I am a vegan Libra who loves poetry and learning and music. One of my favorite things to do is to spend my time at the cafe near my apartment where they have live music. I eat edamame there and have fun with the nice people who come in.

I do not wear shoes and I believe in peace and love above all other things. I do not like fighting or bickering. I also believe that it is more important to be kind than to get angry. I only fight for peace and happiness and kindness. I believe in random acts of kindness, especially to animals, and nothing makes me happier than making others smile.

I have made many friends in various communities that share my beliefs and have shared a lot of me with those people. I know that I will probably meet some people who will say mean things to me or about me, maybe even in here, but I must assure you I am good and I never harm or insult or intend to upset. I am hoping I will be embraced by big hearts and open minds. I am hoping I will be welcome because I believe in what you believe in: peace and love.

This is me...I'm not much, but I am good and nice and sincere.

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